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On January 11, 2016, Krijger was killed by an armed subject following a violent barricade situation,

K-9 Officer Krijger

On January 11, 2016, K-9 Officer Krijger was killed in the line of duty by an armed subject following a violent barricade situation.


 After Krijger's passing Randall Caldwell approached Officer Tom Hendrickson, a K-9 handler and the master trainer for Hampton Police Department, to figure out how they could help protect Hampton's K-9 Officers. 


The number of injuries and deaths of Public Safety K-9's is on the rise. We decided we could not continue to let these brave K-9's go unprotected. Most custom-fit, bullet and stab resistant vests cost $1000 or more, a cost most departments do not have the extra funds to cover. The more we talked, the clearer the answer became. On February 11, 2016 we created Atlantic K-9 Vest Fund.